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In and around Copenhagen

I'm not going to lie my main focus on my trips to Copenhagen are the restaurants... and to see my son :)

I have travelled there with my girlfriends for a long weekend, and now I go there to see my son who is studying in Copenhagen. This summer, I have planned a lovely road trip with both my kids, so I'll be adding our tour to the blog.

Restaurants in Copenhagen

Marv & Ben was recommended to us by Lidde, who is an aspiring Chef that will be working this summer at Kadeau Bornholm. Marv & Ben is the place that reinforced her love of gastronomic food, and I get it.

The restaurant has a gastro-pub ambience where the staff are so welcoming.

The highlight was this amazingly delicious bread, a sourdough with rye brushed with smoke bone marrow and served with whipped buttermilk butter. The staff were so sweet they gave us each a bread to take home, mine went all the way to Brussels to be eaten.

The menu at Marv & Ben is Danish and seasonal, with a lot coming from their own garden. we opted for the 4 course menu with the wine pairing, and even treated ourselves to caviar. Everything is a discovery for your taste buds. One of their signature dish is a Bintje potatoes, picked gherkins, dill and 'Bakskuld'.

For the moment this is my favourite of all!

I went to Den Lille Fede when I was away on a girls' trip. A long weekend where you treat yourself to the best.

Not only was the food delicious, the presentation was refined and perfect. I didn't take photos of all the dishes but we had the 5 course meal with the wine pairing.

I'm a sucker for oysters and seafood so we stumbled upon this restaurant where you get what you order (in a good way). The seafood is so fresh and there is no need for any fuss. Just enjoy it!

Hart Bageri

You can't go to Copenhagen, without getting a taste of the pastries from Hart Bageri.

I put in the link to their instagram as it shows a lot more than on their site. The pastries and breads are to die for and the coffee is not bad too.

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Jenny Lou
Jenny Lou
Jul 10, 2022

The food looks beautiful! 😍

Elene Riordan
Elene Riordan
Jul 10, 2022
Replying to

I’m back soon. So I’ll be adding more restaurants. I’ve booked some already 😋

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