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Let's go for an adventure

Every time we are on the island, we drive the old family car which doesn’t warn you if you leave your headlights on when you park So invariably we need to charge the car battery the next day by taking a long drive, which we call our adventure day.

From the Port of Andratx, head up the mountains towards Soller.

First stop is the Mirador de Ricardo Roca close to Estellencs. The view is also impressive at sunset.

You then drive throught Estellencs, to be honest I have never stopped there (I never find a parking place)

So you continue on the Carretera Autopista Estellencs - there is only one main road and you stop at Torre del Verger to take dozen of photos of yet another amazing view of the coast.

To your right there a splendid view over Banyalbufar.

One of the charactericts of this village are around 2000 terraces on the mountain slopes and a sophisticated irrigation system of aqueducts created by the Moors in the 10th Century which still work today.

Close by, there is a 10th century mansion called La Granja Esporles, it's actually a 30 minutes drive from the centre of Palma. It's a favourite family outing, where you discover part of the history of Mallorca by entering the stately country house that is a museum in itself. You can also explore the gardens, feed animals and taste the traditional Mallorcan products (included in the entrance price).

The next village is Valdemossa, made famous by the composer Frédéric Chopin and his partner the French writer George Sand.

It's a mountain village in the Serra de Tramuntana, around 18km from Palma, and is often taken over by tourists in the summer but is really worth seeing, plus the temperate is more bearable because of the mountains.

The town centre is completely car-free and full of cobblestone streets with stone house with red-tiled roofs dated back to the 16th and 17th century.

Still following the road along the coast, you get to Deià, yet another really cute village, and another magnet for famous writers such as Robert Graves. If you want a bit of peace and quiet treat yourself to a drink at La Residencia.

On that coast in the north, you have Sollér, which you can reach by car (30 minutes or by an authentic train that leaves Palma several time a day (1 hour). The video is of the really small train that takes you from Sollér to the Port de Sollér.

At approximately half way across the coast line and if you go inland you will find two artificial water resevoirs, one called Cúber located at the valleys of Puig Major and Morro de Cúber, and the other Gorg Blau located between Puig Major and Puig de Massanello. You can't swim but there are some great hike and walks around the area.

Next we have Pollença, which is easier to get to from Palma. It is in the northern part of the island near Cap de Formentor. Stop at the Plaça Mayor dominated by a Parroquial church dating back to the 18th century. Goup the 365 steps leading to the El Calvari. At the top of the stairs there’s a church from the 18th century. A classic restaurant with the best arroz negro is la font de gall make sure you have climbed the stairs beforehand!

We are nearly at the top of the island and there is one more beautiful view on the road to cap Fomentor, called Mirador Es Colomer Formentor. To me it’s actually the most impressive views of all.

I’ll add some more places to see and restaurants so you don’t starve 😋

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