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On the slopes in Arosa, Switzerland

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

My favourite ski resort is by far Arosa in Switzerland, which has now become Arosa/Lenzerheide.

To get there we have tried many means of transport. This year, we decided to drive again and it took us approximately 9 hours from Brussels, counting all the stops for coffeessss and breaks.

In the past, we also have taken the plane to Zurich and then 3 trains that take us straight to Arosa station. The last train, the Arosa Line, from Chur is amazing; it's actually quite famous and is really worth it preferably during the day, to admire the spectacular views and try to spot some wild animals.

Arosa is a breath of fresh air! There is something about that resort that keeps us wanting to return every year, and I have skied in others resorts in Switzerland, France, Italy and Austria. I still have to try Japan and the U.S. but that's for another time and budget.

So this year, we were back and we slightly changed our habits. We stayed in a brand new hotel on the lake of Arosa called AVES. They opened end of 2022 and when we were there mid-February, they were fully booked. This type of hotel was actually missing in Arosa, it feels like a trendy city hotel with all the facilities to enjoy a ski holiday. There's a wellness area with a sauna and hammam, it would be nice if they added an extra space to nod off before going back to your room.

The lobby is huge, it has a check in/check out desk, a bar, a dining area and then a wide space that combines a children's area and a working area, which is difficult to concentrate sometimes when you need to work. I noticed they are adding a wing to the hotel so maybe it will seperate the fun and work area.

The rooms and shower rooms are really nice and modern, we had a lovely terrace looking on to the lake.

This hotel is a classic Swiss hotel just outside the village of Arosa and right opposite the ski slope. Check out the offers they have on their website.

The rooms are very large and you got that wood smell that every swiss chalet should have. They have also added a spa some years ago.

The restaurant in the main building for breakfast has an amazing buffet and wonderful food every evening, but the best surprise is the Praetschli stable ( Pratschli stall) where you have a fondue or a raclette, it's important you book it as the place is small and cozy.

The hotel Hof Maran is round the corner from the Praetschli, so also outside the village and next to the slopes. They have packages to suit all your needs from family package to yoga package. Opposite the street, you have one of their restaurant Isblaatere where you take enjoy a last drink before the sun goes down.

This is another hotel on the slopes, closer to the village than the two above. They have 1,800 square meters Waldhotel SPA , with a new outdoor pool overlooking the mountains. The room are spacious and the food is wonderful.

The Tschuggen hotel is the quintessence of luxury, nothing ostentations, just simple perfection. The award winning design goes to the spa, designed by the Swiss architect Mario Botta. The restaurant La Brezza have a 2 michelin star restaurant. They also have their own private lift to get to the middle of the slopes, how cool is that!


Skiing in Arosa is incredible, every year they upgrade a lift or two. Of course, the main change was the link to Lenzerheide at the end of 2013 which you can access with your ski pass. This year, we discovered the Black Diamond Run on the first day!

Here are restaurants on the slopes that are definitely worth trying:

- Motta Hütte This is an architectural masterpiece on the slopes over at Lenzerheide. The food is Italian and you must book your table in advance as it gets really busy especially on the sunny days.

The following restaurants are on the slopes in Arosa and are also hotels:

- Restaurant Erzhorn We have been going to this restaurant for years and the food is wonderful, they specialise in "Cordon Bleu" and you just have to try it!

- Restaurant Alpenblick This terrace is amazing, you can enjoy the view of Hornli express and soak up the sun. They suggest a special gourmet cuisine lunch inspired by Beat Caduff for CHF 65 (starter-main course or main course, dessert). We have never tried it, as we usually eat a light lunch to be able to order the legendary giant „Millefeuille“ cream cake.

- Gspan This is another restaurant that has been around for years and is never a dissappointment. You have a great sunny terrace and you can enjoy a great burger from the BBQ or cosy up inside on a snowy day.

I must also mention that there is a service bus throughout the day that is free of charge and it will take you from one end of the village to the other.

For those who prefer to walk, Arosa has incredible hiking paths , you will need to get a hiking pass so you can also access all the lifts.

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