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Restaurants in Brussels

I was asked today by Inge, an ex-colleague from Levi’s about some restaurant recommendations in Brussels.

My all time favourite is 65 degrés. This is a gourmet restaurant that serves fine cuisine Their objective is also one of integration and professional training for people with mental disabilities.

There is a pop-up restaurant called Konchu, a Japanese curry canteen. It’s actually part of a great concept called Kokotte project, that allows you to open your restaurant at minimum cost for 4 months. This particularl restaurant will close end of November so hurry up.

Next, you should try the restaurant called Beli specialised in Lebanese food, so nice to taste and share dishes.

They both are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

A great fish restaurant is Crabclub, with really original dishes and the staff are so friendly.

Colonel is a great restaurant that specialises in matured meat.

if you are indecisive and haven’t booked a table anywhere, go the Wolf, you have a variety of different restaurants in an beautiful building to pick and choose from.

Of course, there are plenty more, so I will add on to the list and if you have any suggestions, let me know.

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