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If you are a food lover like me, here are some restaurants and chefs from the places I've visited that I promise will tickle your taste buds.


As I travel the world I will take you with me, sharing tips, hotels, what to see and do.  I'm planning a world trip and can't wait to write about it.


I also would like to share with you some of my favourite recipes, fancy, innovative or classic, as long they taste good and bring joy to the table.

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My name is Elene and I have 2 grownup children living abroad. I really love to travel and am 'seriously' organised, so I am often asked to share my experiences on all the places I've visited.  So I figured it would be a great idea to put it all down in a blog.  I also love to see Art exhibitions either in Brussels where I live or abroad, so I'm going to add that too to.  Lastly when I'm not at a restaurant, I'm a big fan of cooking so check out my favourite recipes and let me know what you think.

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