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Saint Jacques with sauce à l'orange

This is my first post of my homemade cooking…

ingredients for 6 people:

purée - mashed potatoes

8 to 10 medium size potatoes (peeled ans cut in quarters)



1 teaspoon ground nutmeg



2/3 scallops with coral each



a handful of pistachios

3 leeks


olive oil


juice from one orange

Boil the potatoes or cook them in the steam oven. In the meantime, remove the green ends and slice the leeks into 3 then cut the 9 pieces length wise. In a pan, melt two knob of butter with a gulp of olive oil. Slow cook the leeks and use a spoon to scoop the butter over the leeks for time to time. Add salt and pepper.

When the potatoes are cooked, add the nutmeg, salt and pepper and enough butter and milk to make a smooth purée. Keep it covered and warm in the oven on 100 degrees.

Lastly, take out the leeks, keep them also warm in the oven.

Don't clean the pan because you are going to use it to cook the scallops. First dry them with kitchen paper and fry them with more butter on a high heat. Add salt and pepper. Turn them over - 2 minutes per side. Add the juice of the orange.

To prepare the individual plates, first place the mashed potatoes, on top add the leeks then the scallops. Top it up with the orange sauce, coriander and crushed pistachios.

enjoy 😊

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